Trái sầu riêng muốn đi xa, tạo thị trường bền vững, thì mọi chủ thể trong chuỗi giá trị cần phải chung sức chung lòng, hợp tác gắn bó để cùng đi lên

Entrepreneur Ngo Tuong Vy: The secret to "cracking" the difficult market to bring Vietnamese fruit brands to the world

Entrepreneur Ngo Tuong Vy, CEO of Chanh Thu Fruit Import Export Group Joint Stock Company, is confident that Vietnam's export fruit will have a place in the world market if it actively meets strict standards right away. from the importer's head.

Meet the highest standards to gradually build the "Made in Vietnam" fruit brand

The year 2022, for Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy and Chanh Thu Fruit Import Export Group Joint Stock Company (Chanh Thu Company) is a period of reaping many achievements in terms of export fruit. In September 2022, Chanh Thu was the first official exporter of durian to China. In November, the first batch of pomelos was exported to the US. Before that, Chanh Thu was well known as the enterprise selected to export the first batch of mangoes to the US market (in 2019), to export the first batch of lychee to the Japanese market (in 2020). Chánh Thudoanh nghiệp xuất khẩu lô sầu riêng chính ngạch đầu tiên đi Trung Quốc, tháng 11, xuất khẩu lô bưởi đầu tiên sang Mỹ. Trước đó, Chánh Thu được nhiều người biết đến khi là doanh nghiệp được lựa chọn xuất khẩu lô xoài đầu tiên vào thị trường Mỹ (năm 2019), xuất khẩu lô vải thiều đầu tiên vào thị trường Nhật Bản (năm 2020)…

Xuất khẩu lô sầu riêng chính ngạch đầu tiên đi Trung Quốc 9/2023
Exporting the first official batch of durian to China in September 2023

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Successful with "firsts", but perhaps not many people know, the driver Chanh Thu achieved today's achievements is a young woman, born in 1986.

To build a Vietnamese fruit brand, Ms. Tuong Vy shared, the business has carefully prepared according to many standards such as GlobalGap, VietGap, FSSC 22000... to meet the strict requirements of fastidious markets. . In addition, Chanh Thu also constantly improves the standard of export fruits for her own so that official export is no longer a luxury and restriction.

“The main market of Vietnamese agricultural products is China, which has also changed the import standards and has the same requirements as the US and Europe… Fortunately, Chanh Thu has had experience in conquering the US market for more than 12 years. , so when exporting to other markets is not too difficult," said Ms. Tuong Vy.

In order for fruit to be exported successfully, it is necessary to clearly define the market and carefully study the standards. Quality products are a pioneer factor for export, but trust is a key requirement to build a brand of Vietnamese agricultural products. 

Talking about the secret of entering the difficult market, CEO Chanh Thu said that to successfully export fruit, it is necessary to clearly define the market, products and carefully study the specific standards that each country requires. As in the US market, export activities do not follow general standards, but there are separate regulations that require enterprises to strictly comply.

Another good example, many years ago, when the majority of Vietnamese people still thought that China was an easy and potential market that no business could ignore, Chanh Thu identified this as a potential market. difficult market in the near future. Therefore, improving product quality and leaving a mark on Vietnamese agricultural products is something that Chanh Thu Company always focuses on.

CEO Ngo Tuong Vy said that when entering the official path, it will help businesses be more confident when building their own brand, there is no longer the case that Vietnamese fruits are only sold informally and processed and packaged for retailers. Chinese brand.

It is also the trust from the Chinese market that has become a stepping stone to help Chanh Thu gain the trust of many partners, customers and consumers like now. That belief helps mangoes to enter the US market, lychees to Japan, and soon to be green-skinned pomelos and many other fruits. It can be seen that quality products are a pioneer factor for export, but trust is the key requirement to build a Vietnamese fruit brand. tiêu dùng như hiện tại. Niềm tin ấy giúp quả xoài vào thị trường Mỹ, quả vải thiều đi Nhật Bản, sắp tới sẽ là bưởi da xanh và nhiều loại trái cây khác. Có thể thấy, sản phẩm chất lượng là yếu tố tiên phong để xuất khẩu, nhưng niềm tin mới là yêu cầu then chốt để xây dựng thương hiệu trái cây Việt Nam.

Công nhân nhà máy Chánh Thu kiểm tra chất lượng quả bưởi trước khi đóng gói
Chanh Thu factory workers check the quality of pomelos before packing

To realize that, CEO Ngo Tuong Vy pioneered to build models according to GlobalGap, VietGap, FSSC 22000 standards... first applied to rambutan fruit and continued to implement on other fruits.

It can be seen that Chanh Thu goes from the hardest story to the highest standard to meet all the export requirements of many countries around the world. “The message I want to convey, to prove to partners, customers, and consumers is how our products have changed and have met the standards. The purpose is to build trust, thereby spreading the story of Vietnamese agricultural products,” said CEO Ngo Tuong Vy.

In particular, during the Covid-19 epidemic, despite difficulties, Chanh Thu still achieved certain successes when changing product designs, transforming to invest in new technology in preservation, succeeding with frozen durian fruit and some other products. đầu tư công nghệ mới trong bảo quản, thành công với trái sầu riêng đông lạnh và một số sản phẩm khác.

According to Ms. Tuong Vy, understanding the market, adapting to the market and bringing high value to consumers is the decisive factor for success in exporting commodities in general and fruit in particular. 

Fruit branding

Cho Lach - Cai Mon (Ben Tre province) is an alluvial bank of Co Chien and Ham Luong rivers, which is famous everywhere for durian, mangosteen, and rambutan. Like many other barn owners, Mr. Chanh, Mrs. Thu all carry within themselves the mission of bringing Vietnamese fruits to the world and Ngo Tuong Vy's daughter is no exception when she begins to follow her parents to buy goods, record books, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… from the new year 9, 10 years old.

Sầu riêng Việt Nam chuẩn bị xuất khẩu sang thị trường Trung Quốc
Vietnamese durian is about to be exported to the Chinese market

As an arrangement of life, after graduating from high school, Tuong Vy went to Ho Chi Minh City to learn some business knowledge. She did not study to get a degree, but learned basic and practical certificates for management, then quickly returned to her hometown to take on the position of branch manager in Tien Giang province at the age of 23 - the time when Ngo Tuong was born. Vy is determined to change her mind and build trust. Take the first steps to build a fruit brand for the homeland. Thương hiệu trái cây cho quê hương.

CEO Chanh Thu said that when she first started to manage a branch of the business, it was difficult with a heavy workload, no accounting department, or quality inspection machinery… There were days when she had to check each fruit, weigh each cart, sometimes have to process 45 tons of longan/day, a not small number.

Although it's hard because everything comes to hand, this is a valuable baggage for Tuong Vy to learn a lot of experience such as thinking, management, understanding the production process ... from there as a foundation to take on the tasks. higher management positions.

Thanks to that, when inheriting the family, Ngo Tuong Vy made a different and more professional step. Starting the journey was to establish Chanh Thu Fruit Import-Export Group Joint Stock Company in 2009, then proceed to build a material growing area with strict standards and expand the export of some fruit products. Vietnam such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen, mango, pomelo, longan, coconut, litchi... through fastidious markets such as the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Taiwan...

Ceo Ngô Tường Vy tự hào khi giới thiệu trái cây Việt Nam với Thủ tướng New Zealand - Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern
Ceo Ngo Tuong Vy proudly introduced Vietnamese fruits to New Zealand Prime Minister – Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Talking to a reporter of Investment Newspaper about difficulties in the industry, Tuong Vy confided: "After a long process of accompanying his family, experiencing many times of loss and almost returning to start over, sometimes even starting to start over. Starting from a negative number, I realized, the risk only comes when you do not have a proper investment in management, as well as fail to build stable quality and depend too much on the Chinese market.

Therefore, Tuong Vy spends a lot of time going to Thailand, Malaysia... to find out what products can be exported to difficult markets and how to do it to change her mind step by step. As a result, it has become as successful as it is today.

Tuong Vy's goal in 2023 is to successfully build a product with the fruit brand "Chanh Thu - Made in Vietnam" to expand the market in China and serve as a premise to reach more countries around the world. . 

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Changing thinking, bringing Vietnamese agricultural products far

CEO Ngo Tuong Vy shared: “I realize that Vietnamese agriculture still has many advantages to exploit. If I hadn't decided to invest and change, I would have missed an opportunity for myself as well as the business I'm driving."

Therefore, Tuong Vy decided to change all about the management system, invest in machinery, pack quality standards, and even build a brand of Vietnamese fruit to improve its ability to dominate the domestic and international markets. abroad in the near future.

According to this 8X CEO, the business only plays the role of responsible for production, purchasing, packaging, preservation and quality control, but with the raw material area, the story of how to make farmers comply and go along. businesses and ensuring the standards set is an extremely difficult problem, until now Chanh Thu is still struggling in this issue.

"In fact, to change the mindset of farmers in farming is a story that spans many years that I myself have quite a headache," Tuong Vy pondered. 

For example, in Soc Trang's milkweed, the enterprise negotiated with farmers on how to prepare the fruit for export to the US, which required farmers to cover the fruit to avoid insects. However, many people think that Tuong Vy is "crazy" to propose to cover thousands of milkweed per tree.

But the reality has proven that, until now, it is not necessary to export to the US, but also to the Vietnamese market, the fruit packing is effective for farmers and improves the value of agricultural products.

Just like durian fruit, when experts analyze, durian can grow or not, develop at what stage, or when will return to the story of planting - chopping, chopping - planting... According to Tuong Vy, if farmers can change their thinking, grow clean, safe products and meet the standards to be able to export, they will receive sustainable value in return. At that time, you won't have to worry about excess crisis anymore, because the world market demand for clean and high-quality agricultural products is great. sầu riêng, khi các chuyên gia phân tích, sầu riêng có phát triển được hay không, phát triển được ở giai đoạn nào, hay đến khi nào sẽ quay lại câu chuyện trồng – chặt, chặt – trồng… Theo Tường Vy, nếu người nông dân thay đổi được tư duy, trồng sản phẩm sạch, an toàn và đáp ứng đủ tiêu chuẩn để có thể xuất khẩu thì sẽ nhận lại giá trị bền vững. Lúc đó sẽ không phải lo câu chuyện khủng hoảng thừa nữa, vì nhu cầu thị trường thế giới với nông sản sạch, chất lượng rất lớn.

Công đoạn chuẩn bị cho xuất khẩu trái sầu riêng sang thị trường Trung Quốc
The preparation stage for exporting durian fruit to the Chinese market

Also, in recent years, Chanh Thu has built a sustainable chain of links with cooperatives and traders, with full functions for businesses to boldly invest in the market, support farmers, and improve quality. quality products and sustainable brand building… This chain of links cannot be without any individual.

“Doing anything requires a connection, so do farmers, businesses too, investing together to reap success. When building a fruit brand and a stable market, we all get benefits", CEO Ngo Tuong Vy summed up the experience.

Source: Investment Newspaper

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