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Proud to be the first Vietnamese enterprise to export fresh lychee batches to the Japanese market

On June 20, Chanh Thu Fruit Import-Export Co., Ltd. exported the first batch of lychee to the Japanese market. This is the first batch of 1 ton of lychee to be exported by air that Chanh Thu signed with a Japanese partner.

The journey to conquer the Japanese market of Vietnamese lychee fruit

To export lychee to Japan, Vietnam has been preparing for more than 5 years. In 2014, the Plant Protection Department (MARD) started negotiations with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote the opening of the Japanese market for Vietnamese lychees. Many rigorous tests have been carried out to ensure the complete eradication of microorganisms (which are subject to phytosanitary measures) that are likely to exist on lychees.

Công ty Chánh Thu tự hào là DN xuất khẩu lô vải thiều đầu tiên sang Nhật Bản
Chanh Thu Company is proud to be the first exporter of lychee to Japan

The Vietnam Trade Office has arranged to bring the Japanese partner to Bac Giang to explore the possibility of importing Luc Ngan lychee fruit and introduce the Japanese technology of preserving fresh lychee: 03 times (November 2018), (November 1, 2018). May 2019), (November 2019).

Chanh Thu Company worked with the People's Committee of Bac Giang province, organized many training and training sessions. created farmers in taking care of litchi gardens before the epidemic with an initial trial area of about 30 hectares. Chánh Thu đã làm việc với UBND tỉnh Bắc Giang, tổ chức nhiều buổi tập huấn, đào tạo nông dân trong chăm sóc vườn vải từ trước dịch với diện tích thử nghiệm ban đầu là khoảng 30 ha.

After purchasing the fabric, all products are steamed, disinfected, preliminarily processed, dried, canned, and stored at 4 degrees Celsius; then shipped to Japan.

The Japanese team of experts finished inspecting all stages of lychee processing that the two sides had committed in advance, comparing each part one by one, and at the same time checking the operation to see if it was right according to the requirements of the Japanese side. Are not.

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Quả vải thiều Việt Nam
Vietnamese lychee fruit

Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy, Deputy Director of Chanh Thu Fruit Import-Export Co., Ltd. said that this year, about 100 tons of lychee will be exported to Japan. In the following seasons, enterprises will expand their area more. Currently, only lychee, Chanh Thu Company has exported to Australia and the US. “The US and Australia require lychees to be irradiated, the Japanese require lychees to be packed and fumigated with Methyl Bromide at facilities recognized by the Plant Protection Department and MAFF with a dosage at least 32g/m3 for a period of 2 hours under the supervision of quarantine experts of the two countries”.

Quả vải Việt Nam đóng gói xuất sang Nhật Bản
Vietnamese lychees packed for export to Japan

Currently, Bac Giang has about 28,000 ha of lychee, concentrated in 5 districts including: Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Lang Giang, Tan Yen and Yen The. In which, the area of lychee produced according to VietGAP standards is 15,000 ha, accounting for 53% of the total area of the province. Bac Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the province currently has 19 area codes for lychee growing areas granted for export to the Japanese market, with an area of 103 hectares. The entire area of this fabric is guaranteed to comply with the GlobalGAP production process and is regularly checked, evaluated and surveyed by Japanese experts.

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Quả vải Việt Nam được người dân Việt Nam yêu thích
Vietnamese lychees are loved by Vietnamese people

Vietnamese lychees are sold in hundreds of supermarkets in Japan. According to a Vietnamese living in Japan, currently, some shops specializing in Vietnamese goods offer fresh lychee prices of about 360,000 VND/kg, but they have to order a long time in advance.

At some supermarkets, fresh lychees are sold in boxes of 8 for about 110,000 VND (about 450,000 - 500,000 VND/kg), or nearly 14,000 VND each. According to some consumers in Japan, fresh Vietnamese lychee color is no longer beautiful, but the quality is good, the food is still very delicious.

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