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Corporate culture

Chanh Thu defines that corporate culture is established on 03 bases including Core values, a code of conduct, and a management system.

We also desire to build a professional, dynamic, and flexible working environment with close cooperation. We aspire to become a cohesive, united, and emotional group where everyone can share like a family.

In Chanh Thu, corporate culture is reflected in each individual with the quality of an enthusiastic and dynamic employee who always supports each other to fulfill tasks towards common benefits.

Working environment

We aim to build a working environment suitable for the job requirements in a modern civilized workspace with clear working processes and instructions, competitive salary, bonus and welfare policy, and plenty of career development opportunities as an “ideal” destination for job seekers.

In the course of construction and development, the Company pays special attention to recruiting a team of potential, talented, enthusiastic, aspirational candidates who are ready to accept new opportunities and challenges.

Policy and Welfare

By setting performance as a principle in business and administration, Chanh Thu operates a system of policies with a focus on the overall performance of the company. Chanh Thu always makes efforts to improve income and welfare for employees on a balance and stable basis. The remuneration policy, individual welfare, and promotion opportunities associated with their own competence, achievements, and contributions to the overall performance of the department and the Company are all equal for everyone.

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