Chanh Thu surveyed the Australian market

According to survey data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as of 7/2016, Vietnamese fruits were present in more than 60 countries and territories, and this number will continue to increase in the coming time.

In addition, a series of free trade agreements to be signed are about to take effect, especially the ASEAN Economic Community - AEC officially established at the end of 2015 which is allowing Vietnamese businesses to do business. The association promotes the export of agricultural products.

Đứng trước xu hướng này, vừa qua, cục Xúc Tiến Thương Mại đã tổ chức cho các doanh nghiệp xuất khẩu Việt Nam có chuyến khảo sát tại thị trường Úc nhằm tìm hiểu thị trường và định hướng cho việc xuất khẩu nông sản sang thị trường này.

Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy and representatives of other businesses took souvenir photos in Australia

Bà Ngô Tường Vy đã đại diện công ty Chánh Thu tham gia và thu thập được nhiều thông tin quan trọng nhằm mở rộng thị trường. Cụ thể mục tiêu của chuyến khảo sát thị trường như sau:

  1. An overview of the possibility of exporting to the Australian market
  2. Find out about the Australian market opening trend for fruit from Vietnam
  3. Find out how to sell and distribute in Australia
  4. Learn about consumer needs
  5. Find out about buyer requests from Australia
  6. Find out the competitiveness of companies from other countries
  7. Product introduction, company introduction
  8. Find out about the demand for fruit (Example: lychee in the period of June-July in Australia)
  9. Find out about acceptable preservation treatments for fresh fruit and litchi: What are acceptable? What is the accepted preferred treatment?
  10. Learn about payment methods with the Australian market
  11. Find out about selling prices (wholesale, retail) of fruits on the Australian market
  12. Learn how to display
  13. Find out about packaging and labeling requirements from different customers
  14. Identify your business's target buyers
  15. Market research activities


During the trip, the survey team visited many traditional and modern trading places people to understand the needs, prices, as well as good points in the business of your country’s company to learn.



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