Chanh Thu meets export standards to the US market

On January 13, 2012, Mr. Robert Guillermo, a phytosanitary specialist from the US Department of Agriculture, went to Chanh Thu Fruit Import Export Co., Ltd, Quarter 4, Cho Lach town to appraise and issue a code. The number for this fruit packer. This is a mandatory requirement for the company to be eligible to export to the US market.

More than 8 months ago, Chanh Thu, with an area of ​​1,000 square meters, capable of packing 1 ton of fruit/day, was certified to meet GlobalGAP standards.

However, for Cho Lach rambutan fruit to be exported to the US market, the company has installed some additional small items to match the standard of this country's packing house.

The US standard packing house must ensure several factors such as: discreetness, isolation from the outside, operating procedures, packaging for each type of fruit separately, and packaging by the organization's specifications. product authority to enter the US market.

Through examination of records and field surveys, Mr. Robert Guillermo assessed the requirements and issued a code for the fruit packer of Chanh Thu Company to meet US standards.

So, from now on, Cho Lach rambutan fruit meeting GlobalGAP standards has opened a wide way to penetrate the potential US market, opening up new prospects for rambutan growers.

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