Chanh Thu received a medal for the development of agriculture, farmers, and rural areas

The award "For the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas" is organized to honor typical collectives and individuals who are active and have made great and effective contributions to economic development. sustainable agricultural economy, protect the environment, build new countryside, ensure the national food security strategy, gradually improve the material and spiritual life of farmers, and propagate economic achievements Sustainable development of agriculture creates clean agricultural - forestry - fishery products ... contributing to promoting the implementation of Resolution 7 of the Central Committee of the Party on agriculture, farmers, and rural areas.

The ceremony to honor the awarding of the first award "For the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas" in 2010 were held on July 31, 2010, at the Vietnam Music and Dance Theater and broadcast live. continue VTV1. In this ceremony, Chanh Thu company was honored to receive a medal. This is the result of Chanh Thu's business achievements and contributions to society.



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