Chanh Thu presents 100 gifts to disadvantaged students and families in Con Dao

On November 21, leaders of the Red Cross Society, Con Dao District Study Promotion Association, Cao Van Ngoc Primary School, CEO Ngo Tuong Vy along with leaders and employees of the Fruit Export-Import Corporation Chánh Thu tree organized the program "Wind of Love", giving scholarships to poor studious students and gifts to disadvantaged families in Con Dao district.

Trao học bổng cho các em học sinh nghèo hiếu học tại Côn Đảo
Giving scholarships to poor and studious students in Con Dao

The program "Wind of Love" awarded 50 scholarships each worth 1 million VND to 50 poor and studious students of the Con Dao district; giving 50 gifts to 50 needy families in the area including rice, sugar, cooking oil, fish sauce, and cash with each gift worth 1 million dongs. The total cost of the program is $100 million. 

Ngô Tường Vy - TGĐ Công ty Chánh Thu
Ngo Tuong Vy – General Director of Chanh Thu Company

At the program, Ngo Tuong Vy – General Director of Chanh Thu Company had words of encouragement for studious students and difficult families, hoping that the gifts given will be the motivation for the students to continue. steadily going to school, helping households to partly solve difficulties and stabilize life step by step. 

Chánh Thu trao quà cho các gia đình khó khăn tại Côn Đảo
Chanh Thu gives gifts to disadvantaged families in Con Dao

This is a meaningful activity to carry out Chanh Thu's Mission "Combining the interests of businesses with the common interests of society, contributing to environmental protection and community health". 



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