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The Secret To Choosing Ri6 Durian Naturally Ripe And Delicious

Origin of Durian Ri6

Ri6 Durian variety Ri6 was known to consumers in the late 1990s in Vinh Long province, Vietnam. This type of Durian was born thanks to Mr. Ri Sau's natural transplanting technique for fruit with outstanding properties of yellow rice with flat seeds, a sweet taste not too harsh, slightly fatty, and dry, which can be held without being crushed. stick hand. Since then, people have called this variety of Durian Ri6 after Mr. Ri6.

Trái Sầu riêng Ri6 đạt tiêu chuẩn thơm ngon
Ri6 durian fruit meets delicious standards

If compared with more than 200 varieties of Durian that have been bred and transplanted until now, the type of durian has different characteristics and is hard to be confused. Based on those characteristics, you can apply them to choose the right standard and natural ripe Ri6 Durian for yourself for yourself the right standard and natural ripe Ri6 Durian. 

Below are a few ways to help you choose. Let's find out with Chanh Thu now!

How to choose delicious and natural Ri6 Durian

Observe the thorns of Durian

A natural ripe Durian fruit will have large, very hard spines and a slightly blunt spike. If you observe durian fruits with tight thorns and tiny and sharp spines, it is likely that this is a durian that has been pressed or soaked in medicine, the fruit is bought by traders when they are young, when they squeeze the two ends of the spines close together. there will be a slightly soft feel. These durians when eaten will be pale, have little aroma, and will be easily bruised.

Quan sát vỏ bên ngoài quả sầu riêng và độ tươi của cuống quả
Observe the outer skin of durian fruit and the freshness of the fruit stalk

Check the freshness of the stem

Choose a Ri6 durian with a fresh green stem and firmly clinging to the fruit. We can check the freshness of the stem by observing the color of the stem, lightly scratching the brown skin with your hand will reveal the green color and sap that is fresh, freshly picked durian.

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The sound when tapping on the fruit 

Using a knife or handle to knock on the durian fruit is also a way to choose whether the durian is ripe and has many segments or not. For ripe or nearly ripe durian, with many segments, when tapped, it will make a "pop-pop" sound. When it makes a "cong coong" sound, this durian fruit has little fruit and is not ripe.

Sầu riêng Chánh Thu đạt tiêu chuẩn xuất khẩu thị trường Trung Quốc
Chanh Thu durian meets export standards for the Chinese market

Choose fruits that have a strong scent 

When Ri6 durian is ripe, it will have a very fragrant smell, the scent spreads throughout the room. The naturally ripe fruits will have the fresh smell of freshly picked fruit, and the typical aromatic durian smell of the Ri6 variety will be stronger than that of the Monthong variety.

Observe the color and shape of the fruit

The ripe old Ri6 durian fruit will have a very eye-catching natural greenish-yellow-brown skin, and an oval shape. Durian fruit, which meets the normal criteria, will have an average weight of 3-5kg/fruit. When the bottom of the durian fruit separates on its own, you can use a knife along the edge of the fruit to easily separate the fruit. If using a knife to peel the skin along the pit is difficult, it may be that the durian fruit is not ripe, you can check by smelling to see if there is a fragrance near the fruit stem and the newly separated position. 

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Hy vọng qua những chia sẻ của Chánh Thu Chanh Thu's sharing on ways to choose delicious, natural Ri6 Durian, will help readers know how to choose for themselves a delicious, quality, and safe durian to enjoy...

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